Drive Act 3: Hardcover

Finally! The beautiful hardcover of Drive's Act 3 is here! And it's gorgeous! Here's what's included...

- 272 pages, gorgeously printed, with details you can't see online!
- Features the full Act Three!
- Includes five guest stories from Gurihiru, Terry Blas, Cat Farris, Beth Reidmiller, Ryan North, Tahid Bondia, Dave Malki, and Der-shing Helmer!
- Early sketches and behind-the-scenes stories seen no where else, including an updated timeline!
- Built-in ribbon bookmark!
- Two covers: Dust jacket slipcover, and an inner cover that looks like it's from the Qen - with super cool foil features!
- Detailed "galactic maps" printed across a two-page spread of End Papers!


    The year is 2401, and a Second Spanish Empire rules the Earth.

    The Empire was built on the back of an amazing interstellar drive invented by Conrado Cruz. He and his descendants have gone on to rule all of humanity, as they maintain sole control of the Drive. Whoever controls space flight controls the ultimate levers of power. As such, “La Familia” control the banks, the courts, the military, and politics. Under their rule, humanity’s domain has come to include other species — such as Veetans, Fillipods, Tesskans, and more.

    “Tierra,” the homeworld of humanity, reigns supreme.

    But two waves are crashing down on the Empire: the Continuum of Makers, and the Vinn.

    The Makers claim that humanity stole their drive — and want it back with an almost religious fervor. To Makers, the “spirits” you “birth” into the world are sacred, personal, and prized. In their complex animistic religion, humanity’s theft of such a spirit is a profound offense.

    The Vinn are a scourge on the galaxy, conquering and rewriting the DNA of countless species in a viral wave across the stars. In the past, humanity has held the Vinn in check with their “Neutron Daisy Cutter” -- and now have seemingly discovered a cure for those infected. But it may not be enough against so implacable a foe.

    Humanity is crashing into a tripartite war between the Empire, the Continuum, and the Vinn. And humanity is going to lose, unless it can find some advantage in battle.

    That hope arrives in the form of a tiny, mysterious creature who can drive a starship like no one’s ever seen. The Emperor tasks the scout ship Machito to find the homeworld of these squirrel-sized creatures and get them flying for humanity. The crew of the Machito — Captain Taneel, Familia engineer Fernando Cruz, the gentle Veetan Nosh, the artistic Fillipod Cuddow, and the Jinyiwei spy Orla O’Malley — have searched Earth, Veeta, the crime planet Slaughter, the Nyxian homeworld Du Fu, and the crumbling remains of the the Great Hold of the Sill. In their search, they’ve found just one clue: The planet they seek has “Tall trees with high-built homes, in endless jungles of blue.”

    As the crew continues their search, they come across the brilliant Maker, Ahmis. He’s been hunting tantalizing clues of the Continuum’s past -- all while the Continuum hunts him for his past crimes.

    But first, we rejoin the Tres Primos -- the three Familia rebels -- who’ve reverse-engineered the Cruz Drive to build their own ship, only to stumble upon a mysterious object in deep space...

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