Print: Anatomy of a Pug

There is no weirder creature than a pug. They bark like a car alarm goin' off at 3 AM. Their lungs sound like an asthmatic jogger in a Beijing smog. And they move like they've had 48 more espressos than a dog should. They're pugs: The dogs that prove breeding can make massive mistakes... and still create awesome dogs.

And now, finally, a beautiful print that shows just what a pug is made of, "The Anatomy of a Pug"!
Crisply printed on high-quality, 12" x 18", matte photo paper, with detail so sharp, you can almost hear the *snorf-snorf-snorfing* of the pug.
  • Your print purchase will be mailed separately from any other Sheldon items to keep it safe in transit.
  • Due to high international shipping costs, prints are not available outside the US.

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