Pugs: God's Little Weirdos eBook

They bark like a car alarm going off at 3AM. Their lungs sound like an asthmatic jogger in a Beijing smog. And they move like they've had 48 more espressos than they should. They're pugs: The dogs that prove breeding can make massive, massive mistakes...and still create awesome dogs.
This book gathers all your favorite pug strips into one collection for pug-lovers like you (...and yes, we do mean you, the one with pug hair all over your shirt.)
This collection also features an expanded 16-page story, "Li'l Lost Pug", which tells the adventures of one lost pug out in the big wide world. It's found in no other Sheldon book. Pug-lovers and dog-lovers...this is the book for you!
*This book is now out of print*

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