SLIGHTLY DINGED Drive Act 2: Hardcover

**SLIGHTLY DINGED!** Between losing it's plastic wrap to a slight ding on the edge, these are not in perfect condition, but are certainly still readable! And for your thanks for adopting one of these abandoned books in to your home, it'll come signed by Dave!

You've been waiting for it! The beautiful hardcover of Drive's Act 2 is here! And it's gorgeous! Here's what's included...

- 256 pages, gorgeously printed, with details you can't see online!
- Features the full Act Two!
- Includes six guest stories from Jon Rosenberg, Mike Norton, Christopher Baldwin, Adam Koford, Rosemary Valero-O'Connell, and Dylan Meconis & Carissa Powell!
- Early sketches and behind-the-scenes stories seen no where else, including a timeline!
- Built-in ribbon bookmark!
- Two covers: Dust jacket slipcover, and an inner cover that looks like it's from the Empire - with super cool foil features!
- Detailed "galactic maps" printed across a two-page spread of End Papers!


    The year is 2401, and a Second Spanish Empire rules the Earth, built on the back of an amazing interstellar drive invented by Conrado Cruz. Under the rule of “La Familia”, humanity’s domain has come to include other species — such as Veetans, Fillipods, Tesskans, and more. But a new threat is gnawing at the Empire: The Continuum of Makers. These Makers claim that humanity has stolen their drive — and want it back with an almost religious fervor.

    Humanity will lose the war with the Makers unless it can find some advantage in battle. That hope arrives in the form of a tiny, mysterious creature, Skitter, who can drive a starship like no one’s ever seen. The Emperor tasks the scout ship Machito to find these squirrel-sized creatures and get them flying for humanity. The crew of the Machito — Captain Taneel, La Familia engineer Fernando Cruz, the gentle Veetan Nosh, the creative Fillipod Cuddow, and the Jinyiwei spy Orla O’Malley — have searched Earth and Veeta without luck. On the trading post planet, Slaughter, Nosh becomes infected by the Vinn — a “species” no one has seen in 70 years, revealing a third galactic power.

    And so, already losing against one great power, humanity is now staring down a tripartite war against the Continuum and the Vinn…


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